Ennis-Flint traffic paint is used to mark roads across the world, from Alaska to Australia. We work closely with our customers to produce a wide selection of paints that perform to the levels expected.


Our range includes products suitable for use at both climatic extremes and everywhere in between.

We manufacture paints for use on a wide variety of surfaces, for all levels of trafficking, from major highways to car parks. Ennis Flint also produces products approved for use on airport runways (see our Airport brochure for brochure for details). Our range includes waterborne and solvent based products, paints specially designed for use with large glass beads for higher levels of retro-reflectivity, special fast-dry formulations and paints designed to dry even at very low temperatures. Ennis Flint paints are AASHTO approved and are available in a selection of ICAO specified colours. We also hold BasT certification.

Our extensive range built up over years of experience, performs consistently well all over the globe. Whatever your requirements, we are confident we can offer a product that exceeds your expectations.